Denon AH-D7100 are the Bentley of headphones

Denon recently announced the release of their flagship headphones, the Denon AH-D7100. The headphones are an amalgamation of plastic with mahogany and the ear cups are slightly squarer and the headband has been strengthened. Denon has used the top of the line Free Edge Nano Fiber in the construction of the 50mm driver that deliver a frequency response between 4hz to 45Khz (normal human hearing is between 20hz to 20Khz) thereby delivering a very broad spectrum of audible delight.

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Compared to its predecessor the AH-D7000s the D7100 have detachable cables that lead up to the ear cups. This will make all the audiophiles jump with joy who can now use their high-end audio cables to plug into the high end $1,550 Denon AH-D7100.