Denon launches AH-D7000 headphones priced at $1,170

There are some products and gadgets which are made only for the elite class. Here is another such product that is made just for the creamy layer of society. Known as the AH-D7000 headphones, they are the latest product developed by Denon. Since the headphones are created to please the luxurious class, the components are definitely above average. A couple of 2″ drivers with free-edge microfibre diaphragms play notes up to 45kHz (20kHz is the top end of an average human’s hearing). Simultaneously, the case of these stylish headphones is made from Mahogany with carvings inside that ‘enhance the natural tonal balance.’ The cable to is 99.99% oxygen-free copper promising a distortion-free experience.

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Priced at £800 ($1,170), these headphones are surely a class apart.

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