Dan D’Agostino debuts Momentum amplifier for audiophiles in US

Audiophiles not just love sound, but also seems to like the visual appeal of these high performance gadgets, which would explain the stylish cut to most of the gadgets. And to add to the list is a stunning new Momentum amplifier design by D’Agostino LLC a company founded by high-end audio designer Dan D’Agostino. The impressive sound quality comes from an innovative design that uses copper heat sinks with cooling venturis that is designed to consume less than 1 watt when idle. The hand created amp features rugged through-hole circuit boards to deliver 300 watts into 8 ohms via a classy and compact chassis design.

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The company will ship the product through six dealers in the U.S. and 22 international distributors for now. This groundbreaking design will debut at events in New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Considering a steep rise in copper and aluminum prices, Momentum amplifier originally priced at $42,000 per pair is now hiked to $45,000 per pair. For details, click here.

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