Uncle Scrooge tops Forbes’ list of wealthiest fictional characters

When Forbes releases its richest list, it always means business, even if we are talking fictionally. The Forbes Fictional 15, this year’s list of wealthiest fictional characters, has emerged an average net worth of $9.86 billion, a 20 percent hike from last year. The winner this year is our very own Scrooge McDuck, the billionaire bird known for storing a fortune in gold coins inside a massive Duckburg “money bin.” Thanks to the rise in gold, Uncle Scrooge’s net worth soared to $44.1 billion.

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Following him in this list are Carlisle Cullen, Artemis Fowl II, Richie Rich, Jed Clampett, Tony Stark, Smaug, Bruce Wayne, Mr. Monopoly, Arthur Bach, Jo Bennett, C Montgomery Burns, Chuck Bass, Gordon Gekko, and Jefferey Lebowski. The rule to be eligible for this list is that candidates should be an authored fictional creation and excluding mythological and folkloric characters. They must star in a specific narrative work or series of works and, of course, must be rich!

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