A single page from Batman #1, 1940 sells on eBay

Till now we have seen rare comic books breaking records and fetching huge sums at auctions! This trend takes a twist as today we came across a sale of just a single page from a Batman comic. A torn page featuring the first appearance of the Joker from Batman #1 (DC Comics, Spring 1940) sold on eBay for $660. Only a die-hard Batman fan could have shelled out that much for a single torn-out page which was also classified as ungradable (CGC gave it an “NG” No Grade rating).

The seller also states that he has a total of 22 interior pages along with the back cover from Batman 1. He will be listing these over the next few weeks. All these pages have originated from the same book, which the original owner has taken apart and then re-assembled in his own order. So, all those keen to grab torn pages from the history of Batman comics can watch out!

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This isn’t the first time a page from Batman comic was up for sale. An original page from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns was sold for $448,125.

We have already seen one batman fan pay $850,000 for the first Batman comic and another shell out almost half a million dollars for a rare 1939 Batman Comic.

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