Lifesized Hulk statue is up for pre order and it costs more than a Cadillac

If you happen to be a comic book fan who collects memorabilia, action figures and statues pertaining to the genre, you might want to save up for the ultimate Hulk statue. Measuring 2.8 meters (9.18 feet) in height with its base and weighing in at 264 lbs (120 kg) this giant figure is just perfect for a big garden or that corner of your man-cave.

Although it says it’s a “full-size” model we’re not quite sure it’s ‘life-size’, as we’re assuming the Hulk would easily stand over 9 feet off the ground (minus the stand), but that being said, this isn’t some statue of puny Banner so… However, if you’re looking for a more true-to-life statue, you could consider the larger edition that stands at an impressive 3.39 meters (11.1 feet with stand) and weighs a massive 400 lbs (180 kg), which seems about right, we imagine.

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The detail that’s gone into this fiberglass model is intense and quite intricate. It will ship in 2 MDF wooden boxes and like quite a few smaller statues available off the shelf, it will require some assembly (the torso, head, arms and legs).

This smaller statue of the Marvel Avenger is priced at a whopping $7,164 (Euro 6399) and is available for pre-order with shipping to commence in October. The much larger statue is priced at an insane $38, 000 (Euro 33,999) which is a little less than a 2014 Audi A5 but quite a bit more than a 2014 Cadillac ATS!

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Available at Polymark 9french)

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