A Mini Corvette Stingray for kids

Fisher-Price Power Wheels has just created the best present you could gift your kid, a downsized version of the 2014 Corvette Stingray. Matching the elegance and styling of a supercar, the miniature edition claims to be fast on wheels, reaching speed levels up to 6mph. It’s thus being labeled as the fastest Power Wheels in the line, one that leaves behind the Pink Mini Mercedes from Neiman Marcus and the half scale Porsche 365. Adorning a red shiny cloak like its heftier counterpart, the Power Wheels Corvette Stingray beckons with two speeds: 6mph forward and 3mph reverse. The tiny one-seater has shiny chrome wheels, drives on hard surfaces and grass, and has power lock brakes. You can be assured that this miniature version is here to stay, thanks to its 12-volt battery and charger, which has a long-lasting charge.

However, just like you had eagerly waited for the 2014 Corvette Stingray, your kids might need to wait a little longer until the tiny car rolls into stores nationwide by September this year. Meanwhile, feel free to pre-order this kiddy zoomer through Walmart starting from July.

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[Via – Fisher-Price and Autoblog]

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