Most expensive teddy bear at 500,000 pounds

People who cannot live without their teddies under their faces each night may want to invest in something that will make them want to take sleep to stop the head spin. A teddy bear is being sold, in Suffolk, for 500,000 pounds. Only. If you buy it, you will also get teddy’s (owner’s) home – a beamed cottage in Lavenham, a picturesque medieval village. The three-foot bear – which belonged to the 73-year old homeowner Walt McKinlay’s daughter – is now in the property window with a “buy me” sign.

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Mr. McKinlay is a retired butcher and farmer and that it was a bear that was given to his wife by her parents and then gave it to their daughter Sadie, but she is not too old to play with it at 44. So they are selling it for £495,000. His house, a former public house called Christmas Cottage, has also been a tea room and book shop and has two bedrooms and a small rear garden. And he says this is a way to sell his house. It would be nice to see the house and that teddy bear and the lucky kid who gets this set.

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