A rare 1939 Batman Comic was picked up for half a million dollars

Comic book auctions are nothing new. Once relegated in the realms of cheap leisure reads, comics today hold the potential of being real treasure troves (pun intended). As owner Robert Irwin learned after his childhood favorite, Detective Comics #27, sold for $492,937 at the auction held by Heritage Auctions in Dallas. Detective Comics # 27 marked the debut of “The Batman.” “I was 13 when I got this copy from a newsstand in Sacramento, California. Since then, it’s been my favorite and thus been with me,” recalls the octogenarian who now wishes to have another copy of the same. Heritage sold a rare copy of that same comic in better condition for $1,075,500 this February. But the most expensive comic auction title is still held by the 1938 edition of Action Comics No 1, featuring the debut of Superman for a whopping 1.5 million dollars.

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So the time you dig out your old favorite from the attic. Who knows, it may be worth a million?

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