One-off Batman-inspired Kia Optima SX unveiled

If Batman ever decided to step away from his atrocious and beastly black ride and chose to drive a Kia instead, this is probably the car you’d sport the vigilante in. as part of DC entertainments “We Can Be Heroes” campaign, Kia developed this Batman-inspired Optima SX with artist Jim Lee and Rides magazine lending a hand. To make its debut in the New York’s Time Warner Center this week, the car includes a flattering body kit, 20-inch wheels, a matte and piano black paint job, a yellow underflow, a Batwing-shaped grille, and HID headlights etched with the Bat-Signal. With lots of black leather packing the interiors, the car also includes a Batsuit and cowl in the trunk, just in case Batman requires a change of clothes.

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