Harman AKG comes out with a Quincy Jones Signature Line of headphones

You can sell headphones to an audiophile with or without a starlet to endorse it. But some brands like to tie up to give the world limited edition signature line. And so Harman AKG tied up with Quincy Jones to come put with the Quincy Jones Signature Line of headphones. The line will see three models to be launched starting with “reference class” the Q 701 which is worn over-the-ear, followed by the Q 460 which are the lightweight headphones, and to finish with the Q 350 earbuds.

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The Q 701 comes with ergonomically-shaped velvet cushions and removable 99-percent oxygen-free wires. The portable Q 460 on-ear headphones priced at $229.99 comes with a 3D-axis folding system. It is also compatible with the iPhone and features an in-line remote control system that controls the microphone with the play, pause, and skip functions. The Q 350 ear phone, which is also iPhone compatible, is priced at $149.99.

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