Audio Power Labs 50TNT is a stunning tube amplifier

Tube amplifiers have an audible aura of their own. Every tube amplifier is unique because it not just amplifies the sound but also adds to the sound, its own touch of audible flavors, so as to say. The 50TNT monoblock amplifier from Audio Power Labs is one such inimitable amplifier. Based on the push-pull configuration of 572B direct heated triodes with zero negative feedback, the audio signal path is devoid of any capacitors or solid state devices, using tubes and coupling transformers exclusively. This marvelous analog technology delivers only the highest quality sound and produces less than 2% distortion.

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Art-Deco inspired style and a glass casing that displays the warm glow of the vacuum tubes along with the intricate construction of the filaments, plates and electrodes all give this Audio Power Labs 50TNT monoblock amplifier a very contemporary and elegant look. Must have for audiophiles, a pair of these amplifiers can be picked up for $47,500.
[Audiopowerlabs and Monoandstereo]

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