Dolce & Gabbana collaborate with Grado Labs to create Mahogany Headphones

Technology and design do not always go together, In the case of headphones, the audio quality and output usually suffers for the sake of design. However with the DS2012 headphones neither design nor quality have been compromised. For these incredible headphones Dolce & Gabbana partnered with Industry leaders Grado Labs to create the DS2012 which has a superior sound quality and an aesthetically pleasing design. The DS2012 is entirely hand made using a specific kind of precious mahogany wood. Grado Loboratories, based in Brooklyn is considered by many insiders to be the leader in headphones in terms of performance and quality, thus by partnering with them, Dolce & Gabbana has thus maintained its commitment to quality. The design for these headphones is based on Grado’s reference series, however the use of mahogany wood on the cups provides a unique sound signature that make these headphones appealing to almost everyone.

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