Dolce & Gabbana collaborate with Grado Labs to create Mahogany Headphones

Technology and design do not always go together; in the case of headphones, the audio quality and output usually suffer for design. However, with the DS2012 headphones, neither design nor quality has been compromised. For these incredible headphones, Dolce & Gabbana partnered with Industry leaders Grado Labs to create the DS2012, which has a superior sound quality and an aesthetically pleasing design. The DS2012 is entirely hand-made using a specific kind of precious mahogany wood. Grado Laboratories, based in Brooklyn, is considered by many insiders to be the leader in headphones in terms of performance and quality; thus, Dolce & Gabbana has thus maintained its commitment by partnering with them to quality. The design for these headphones is based on Grado’s reference series. However, mahogany wood on the cups provides a unique sound signature that makes these headphones appealing to almost everyone.

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