JH Audio’s flagship Roxanne custom earphones will satisfy the most demanding audiophiles

For almost decades now, Jerry Harvey Audio has been making some of the best and finest custom earphones in the industry which are highly coveted and revered by audiophiles for their uncompromising sound quality. The company’s new flagship in-ear monitor, Sirens Series Roxanne custom IEM, has set a new bar with its outstanding design and brand new proprietary elements. The Roxanne IEM is equipped with SoundrIVe technology and the newest proprietary mini quad drivers by JH which produces crystal clear treble, realistic and clear instrument reproduction which will satisfy the most demanding music aficionados.

The prices for the Siren Series Roxanne IEM by JH Audio start at $1,599. The flagship IEM is equipped with Variable bass output, adjustable from cable and offers excellent sound isolation. The design of also features a brand new proprietary 4-pin cable connection which has a twist lock mechanism that saves the tips from getting damaged. For an extra $200, the Roxanne IEM can be bought with a personalized carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum carrying case with custom molded carbon fiber earpiece tray which fits snuggly inside the carrying case.

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