Woo Audio’s high-end headphones are touted to be the most expensive in the world

Bejeweled headphones are meant for rock stars and Denon headphones might not have lived up to the acoustic precision you are habituated to. Hence I am keen to bring Woo Audio products to your notice. Showcased at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, the WES – WooAudio Electrostatic Headphone Amplifiier stood out for its performance. Dvice reports that the system uses a two chassis amplifier with EL34 vacuum tubes to drive a pair of Stax Omega SR-007 Mk2 electrostatic headphones. However it weighs a bit over 18 kg (40 pounds) so it certainly doesn’t fall in the portable category. Priced at $ 5,000 and touted to be the most expensive headphones, this system is definitely not for folks with weak audio senses and weaker pockets. But those who are keen to own the WES need to take a look at the complementing headphones too. The $2,400 STAX SR-007 MK2 Open-Back Electrostatic Earspeaker or the $2,000 STAX 4070 Closed Back Electrostatic Earspeaker will go well to deliver high-end audio output.

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