This $122,360 crystal studded Rocking horse is the most expensive in the world

If you reason toys are only for kids, you may completely alter your thinking once you set your eyes on this rocking horse created by the luxury firm – The Fernandes Exquisite Creations in association with Stevenson Brothers. Aptly titled as “Crystal”, this marvelous toy is carved out of pure silver and comes emblazoned with an array of beautiful Swarovski quartzes.

The Kent-based firm boasts of a rich celebrity clientele that includes the likes of Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney, and Prince George (who received a zebra rocking horse costing more than £4,000 for Christmas in 2014). Stimulated by the sparkling frills spotted on ballroom costumes, the Stevenson brothers have created a masterpiece that is bound to leave you spellbound. Balanced on black oak runners, with fittings made of pure silver and 82,000 Swarovski crystals, we reckon this rocking horse can bedazzle even the blind!

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The luxe toy that was on the maker’s wish list since the firm’s inception, is now a reality after a six-month-long toil. If you fancy buying this jeweled horse, you can do so by visiting the Stevenson Brothers Showroom in Bethersden, Kent. The toy horse will also set on a weekend journey to Monaco before being made available for retail at the Private Buyers department in Harrods. While $122,360 can even buy you an Aston Martin Vantage V8S or probably many real horses, none of those can outdo the beauty of ‘Crystal’. Following the rocking horse, the artistic duo will also release an equally mesmerizing zebra and miniature unicorn for their high-end buyers. So you have deep pockets and a liking for little jeweled animals, you know where to head!

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