A teenager’s Croc brings down Middle East’s most expensive chandelier

In the Middle East, people are always talking about how arrogant the Kuwaitis are because they are the richest in the region and are known to flaunt their wealth. But that is their deal, and although it makes for great tea-time gossip, we must really let them be. Unless a brat jumps into the limelight and does something unbelievably dramatic like throw his shoe at a chandelier in a shopping mall and letting the $1.8 million accessories fall and crash into a billion pitiful pieces. Well, that is what happened at the 360 malls. When he was questioned, he said that he didn’t think the throw would actually bring down the massive chandelier, and authorities apparently are smitten as they have dropped any charges on him. This brings to mind the authenticity of the $1.8 million chandeliers. Not only was it clinging on too loose threads, but it also raised risks of a possible fall-off if all it took to shake it from its hold was a pair of Crocs!