Drambuie unveils its most valuable whiskey – The Jacobite Collection

The Jacobite Collection – The Spirit of ’45 is the most exclusive edition launched by Drambuie. Tagged at £3,500 ($5,800) per set, the new collection features a hand-blown crystal decanter that bottles a blend of 45-year-old whiskies. This is infused with Drambuie’s secret recipe of herbs and spices and aged in oak. The highlight of the collection is the stylish casing. The rare spirit will be shipped in a solid wood presentation box containing a hand-etched crystal replica of the Spottiswoode Amen glass and a large crystal stopper for the decanter. MoodieReport explains that ‘The teardrop lead crystal decanter takes inspiration from a mid-18th century design, with the engraving of the crown motif and intricate decorative scrollwork adding to the premium positioning. The engraved letter ‘A’ for ‘Amen’ is carried through the design concept, also appearing on the crystal stopper.’ Also, antique-engraved Spottiswood ‘Amen’ glasses are valued as one of the most treasured and coveted items by collectors. It also comes with some reading material, a letter-pressed hand-bound 32-page leather booklet written by whisky author Ian Buxton, that updates the consumer with the history of the Jacobite rebellion, Drambuie, and the details behind the collection.

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Only 150 of The Jacobite Collection – The Spirit of ’45 will be rolled out which will contain notes of vanilla, green apples and cut grass, blended with sweet honey and herbal notes, with suggestions of toffee, liquorice, fennel and cardamom.

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