World’s most expensive tap celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

We spend most of our relaxed moments of the day in the bathroom, so it does warrant its share of unabashed luxury too, right? So if gold-laden, Swarovski or hi-fi faucets don’t excite you too much, then Inta is out with a diamond studded version to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. After the white gold bath tub and the yellow gold toilet, you can add a shimmering faucet set with “10 heirloom quality 10 carat diamonds set as the centerpiece along with 50 quarter carat diamonds”, celebrating their tenth anniversary and the Queen’s 60th year celebrations all at once.

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Priced at £30,000 ($47,600), Inta’s commercial director Cynthia Fisher, who designed the piece, says, “Our Diamond Jubilee tap will feature 60 diamonds in total, and we’re confident that it could grace any of the royal palace bathrooms. We’re hoping it will be the most fitting, if not an ostentatious tribute to Her Majesty this year.” The tap will be unveiled in June at a special garden party at Inta’s Staffordshire headquarters.
[Inatec via – Bornrich]

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