Most Expensive iPad App title will go to one of the $1,000 Apps

While there are names around the world that is trying to add more glamour to the iPad, its time for the app world to stand up and be counted. While most of the expensive apps make sure that you spend to get a more opulent life, here are three contenders priced at $1,000, vying for the coveted title of the “Most Expensive iPad App”. Read on and judge their usefulness for your self. First up is the “BarMax CA and BarMax NY” that will guide you through the bar exam and earn a six-figure corporate law salary with ease. The price tag can be attributed to the collaborated effort between Harvard lawyers and “top iPhone developers.” The app gives you lectures equal to two months, a calendar along side a task list feature, and 1,371 practice MBE questions, and over 800 flashcards to prepare well.

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The other two apps that are right up there is the $999.99 Intuition Control Solo WolfVision app that lets you control WolfVision visualizers with a tablet. A WolfVision visualizer is “a super-high-end projection device analogous to a jacked-up version of an overhead projector, although the visualizer itself can come in the form of a camera, a desktop projector, or a ceiling-mounted design.” The last app in contention is the $999.99 “The Alchemist SMS” app, which “provides users in the steelmaking and scrap metal recycling industry with the tools necessary to achieve reductions in raw material cost.”

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