World’s most expensive bustier loaded with diamonds fits for $1.3 million

Don’t know if it’s correct to categorize them as clothing (fashionable undergarments) or jewelry, but the range of diamond studded gown, dress and most expensive lingerie is mind-blogging. Though Victoria’s Secret has been the leading designer to unveil the most dazzling lingerie, this time, ORRA has made it to news by unveiling a diamond bustier worth 1 million Euros. While this one is intended for the fashion scene in the West, it was shown off by model Anjali Lavanya along with a royal gold lehenga (traditional Indian attire). Touted as World’s most expensive bustier, this is certainly no ordinary creation. Why deck up for the night with a diamond necklace, when you can break the norm with a bustier caked with diamonds?

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Last we saw a diamond studded blouse worth $1.4 million teamed with black tuxedo pants and a black silk cape.