Preferred by royalty and billionaires alike – Take a look inside one of the oldest and most expensive boarding schools in the world – At $133,000 a year, pupils here are pampered with 5-star accommodation, gourmet chefs, and expeditions to exotic places.

Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil, informally called Beau Soleil, is one of Switzerland’s oldest private boarding schools, preferred by royalty and the richest. One of the most exclusive schools in the world, Beau Soleil, was founded in 1910 by J. Charles Dent an Englishman passionate about providing young people with a high-quality education in a healthy and inspiring environment. The school sits in Villars-sur-Ollon, a charming village in the Swiss Alps. The college sits 4,430 feet above sea level, providing students from 50 countries worldwide with a complete boarding education, albeit for a price that also features it among the most expensive educational institutes worldwide-

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A fee of $120,000 makes Beau Soleil one of the most expensive schools in the world
With fewer than 300 pupils between the age of 11–18 years in attendance, the education offered at Beau Soleil is indeed spectacular. The fee of $120,000 includes some jaw-dropping charges like $2000 for the ski uniform, $3500 for the school uniform, nearly $1000 for school books, and even $350 for Wifi.

Despite the expenses, the student-teacher ratio of 4:1 makes the school a preferred choice for rich and royal students. In addition to tutoring pupils in French and English (the estimated base pay of teachers is $10,000 per month), the school offers the most refreshing breath of air, topped with unbeatable views of Mount Blanc.

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The luxurious Swiss institute has also reserved a place in the hearts of royals and the financially blessed for the ethos it imparts. The leaders of tomorrow imbibe a broad worldview that is practically instilled with expeditions to locations as far afield as Cambodia, India, Ghana, and Tanzania.

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The boarding school of dreams-
Beau Soleil boasts six boarding houses with 24/7 hands-on staff to oversee the smooth running of student life. As Tala, a student, shared, ‘my favorite thing about Beau Soleil is that everything is close to you. There’s art, there are sports, there are lessons. The school offers challenges and expeditions that other schools dont have.”

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The Beau Soliel experience takes its students from the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to the streets of New Orleans, Iceland, Cambodia, Antarctica, The Reunion Islands, China, or Japan, exploring and learning on the way to becoming a global citizen.

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An array of luxurious amenities-
When you are located atop the stunning Swiss Alps, skiing tends to come as easily to the students as reading. Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil boasts one of the most fantastic full winter sports programme. For those who prefer to make the most of their time here and want to do more than ski on the picturesque slopes, state-of-the-art amenities like multiple indoor and outdoor courts, a fitness room, a swimming pool, a rock-climbing center, and commodious dorms provide ample opportunity.

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Gourment chefs in the canteen make sure that the students are well fed.

There are dedicated spaces for design, technology, music, dance, yoga, and theatre. Nothing like your ordinary school, Beau Soleil even offers skydiving and sea diving in its extracurriculars. The inclusion of stables caters to the equestrian pursuits of the wealthy, while a restaurant serves healthy delights and an art center feeds the soul.

Beau Soleil has the royal seal of approval-
No normal school, this premium Swiss school’s alum hails from extraordinary families, and those who dont certainly work to become a cut above the rest. In the past, Princess Marie of Denmark, Guillaume, the Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Prince Felix, and Princess Claire of Luxembourg have attended the prestigious school.

Canadian racer and 1997 Formula One World Championship Jacques Villeneuve, Irish-British horse racing commentator and journalist Sir Peter O’Sullevan, and Alexandre Mourreau have all walked the halls and skied the slopes at Beau Soliel.

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