Costing $28,500 and dusted with diamond dust this is the worlds most expensive flower bouquet

If you’re looking to profess your love to someone special this Valentine’s, we have just the thing that you need! If spending $25.8 (approx.) is something that you can afford to do, then Endure roses, UK’s leading pressed flower has got you the ultimate gift of love – a bouquet that happens to be the most expensive of its kind in the world!

Named the Cullinan Bouquet after the world’s largest gem-quality rough diamond ever found (the Cullinan), the exquisite wonder contains more than 100 specially preserved flowers. It is set on a bed of brooding black hydrangea with a flowering tower that houses six Grandeur Roses, all completely encased in 24-carat gold. Furthermore, there are Heart Roses created by the specialist florists along with striking Juliette Roses with their double-petalled structure. At the very middle of the creation, one can find a Mon Chérie elegant curved glass cloche, with two intertwined heart roses holding two Cullinan diamonds in the center – one 0.5 carat and the other 0.3 carat.

The entire creation is dusted with high quality diamond dust- the very residue that is formed after larger, multi-faceted diamonds are cut and shaped. The £20,000 ($25.8K) bouquet is touted to last anywhere “between three and five years’ and can further be encased in glass if you need it by your bedside for life. Well, what better way to woe your lady love than with flowers dipped in Diamond luster!


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