At $3.2 million the worlds most expensive suit is bulletproof, waterproof and even has air-conditioning

On many occasions, celebrities and important personalities across the world have to wear bullet-proof vests for security concerns which ruin the look of the very expensive suit they wear on top. But finally there is a way to get the protection of a bullet-proof jacket and still look sharp wearing a classy suit. Introducing the world’s most expensive custom-tailored suit called the ‘Diamond Armor’ which looks right out of the newest James Bond 007 movie. A company called ‘Suitart’, based out of Zurich that features attractive and stylish custom made and tailored suits for men, has come up with the Diamond Armor which as claimed by the company features an impeccable combination of luxury, art and technology.

The suit is not only bulletproof (certified by NATO standards) as mentioned before, it’s also waterproof due to nano-technological sealing and is equipped with an active cooling system. It’s the only suit of its kind that has an air conditioning system developed by EMPA built into it. The integrated technology can be activated at the push of a button and offers cooling through humidification of water. To add elegance and class to the suit, the Diamond Armor is encrusted with 880 black diamonds. The lapel and the contours of the Diamond Armor are graced with 600 black diamonds each with a diameter of four millimeters and a total weight of 140 carat and the buttons of the jacket consist of Swiss watch steel 316L with DLC coating and are graced with additional 280 black diamonds. To match the opulence of the suit, it can be accessorized with a 24 carat golden silk tie developed by fabric specialist Weisbrod from Zurich and EMPA and Carl F. Bucherer limited edition watch. The Diamond Armor suit is priced at 2.8 million Swiss Francs ($3.20 million approx) but the company has not released any official photos of the Diamond Armor suit.

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