Dormeuil presents one of the world’s most expensive suit for $113,000

Time to dress up for the festivities. You can opt for a suit to match your car, or go for something suiting the party’s theme. But if you really don’t know what to wear, and need to get shopping done, try the most expensive suit in the world from UK-based Dormeuil Mode SAS. Priced at $113,000, it is also the creation of Mr Alexander Amosu in association with Dormeuil. This pricey creation has also earned a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records as being the most expensive suit created. However we wonder how can we rate it when compared to the most expensive suit from Stuart Hughes’ creation that is tagged at $888,000. The stunning piece of apparel is said to be made using six types of fabrics, which also features ‘Vanquish-II’.

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It is reported that this United Kingdom-based premium fabric maker Dormeuil recently launched a range of expensive suits in the Indian market. “With a growing number of Indian entrepreneurs and business tycoons making it to the coveted Forbes rich list, there is no limit to their aspirations. This collection seeks to cater to these very desires,” Dormeuil Mode SAS’s Commercial Director Frederic Dormeuil quoted.
[The Hindu]

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