Youtuber unboxes the most expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max which is bathed in diamonds and costs almost half a million dollars

Via Youtube / @Wylsacom

Russian luxury brand Caviar is known for making over-the-top customized versions of flagship smartphones that often carry 6-figure price tags. Over the years, we’ve seen the company release wild limited edition customized iPhones decorated with everything from rare jewels to even Rolex watches. Recently, a Russian YouTube channel posted an unboxing video of what is claimed to be the most expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max in the world, which is priced at 40 million rubles (around $465,000).

The phone comes with gloves and a special key to open the box.Via Youtube / @Wylsacom

In case you’re scratching your head trying to figure out why it costs more than a Lamborghini supercar, let me tell you that this heavily customized iPhone by Caviar is encrusted with hundreds of diamonds. Called the Diamond Snowflake, the model is limited to just 3 examples and was created in partnership with renowned British jewelry brand Graff.

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Via Youtube / @Wylsacom

The highlight of the Diamond Snowflake iPhone is the massive pendant attached to the backplate of the smartphone. The Graff snowflake necklace pendant is made of platinum and white gold and is set with numerous round and marquise-cut diamonds. The pendant alone is estimated to be worth $75,000. Furthermore, the 18k white gold backplate is also decorated with 570 diamonds, set in a very interesting pattern. Surprisingly, the folks from the Wylsacom YouTube channel end up unboxing the Swarovski edition, which features a nearly identical design but comes with Swarovski crystals instead of diamonds and a slightly more affordable price tag.

Via Youtube / @Wylsacom

Called the Crystal Snowflake SE (Swarovski Edition), this version is limited to 20 examples. As seen in the video, it comes in a white leather-wrapped box which can only be opened with a gold key, supplied in a separate gold-colored box. There’s even a pair of gloves inside the packaging. Opening the box, a tiny LED light hidden inside the lid shines on the customized iPhone 14 Pro Max. A separate compartment underneath the smartphone holds all the documentation, including the certification of authenticity and serial number of the phone.

The 18k white gold body of the phone is also engraved with the serial number and the Crystal Snowflake name. The backplate mirrors the design of the Diamond Snowflake, indulging the pattern and the pendant. However, it gets Swarovski crystals instead of diamonds. Is it gaudy or jaw-dropping?

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