The worlds most expensive mouse pad costs $400 and its a Louis Vuitton

Sometimes, we love Louis Vuitton like when they give us fun handbags or cool collaborations and other times we raise our eyebrows at Louis Vuitton, like that time they tried to sell us straps with no bag attached. This is one of the latter times, because Louis Vuitton’s Art of Gifting collection features an honest-to-God mouse pad.

“Crafted from fine leather, this mouse pad features an embossed VVN corner in a complementary color for an understated Louis Vuitton signature. A subtle status symbol, it completes our elegant office set” says the description on the website. If you really need a leather mousepad with an LV monogrammed lining then this is probably the luxurious gift that you’ve been waiting for.

We’re not big on spending $395 on mousepads, especially when you can buy a much nicer Louis Vuitton fragrance for much less, but on the bright side, the navy blue color is pretty attractive. Is it at the top of our shopping list? No, but we can admit that there’s probably a luxury loving CEO out there whose been waiting to add this mousepad to his mahogany desk. If you know someone matching that description and have $400 to spare, then head over to LV’s website and check out their Art of Gifting collection.


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