Louis Vuitton and Marc Newson collaborated on an artistic masterpiece dubbed the “Cabinet of Curiosities.” The designer reimagines the iconic travel trunk with removable leather storage cubes in an array of colors

Louis Vuitton and renowned designer Marc Newson have joined forces once again to revamp the legendary travel trunk of the luxurious fashion house. The result is an astonishing set of modular luggage-shaped cabinets, aptly named “The Cabinet of Curiosities.” This vibrant creation is a tribute to Louis Vuitton’s iconic trunk but with a twist! Marc Newson has injected his signature vibrant design aesthetic to create an awe-inspiring masterpiece that is truly one of a kind.

The exquisite exterior of the trunk boasts the legendary Monogram print married to an exquisite array of rich earth tones. What lies beneath is even more exciting! The trunk reveals 19 vibrant, rectangular, and removable leather boxes that entice the child in you to indulge in a playful exploration of the space. Each handmade box is a work of art, available in three dazzling color combinations – natural leather, yellow, or tricolor (red, blue, and green) customizable to one’s heart’s content.

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‘Quality, execution, particular savoir-faire, without any compromise. It’s a simple idea, a utilitarian and iconic object that gives the user the opportunity to do whatever they want with it. Each one of these is its own container, living by itself. The Cabinet of Curiosities a container of memories in three variations. They could be anything which is symbolic to you as a collector. Even if you’re not a collector, you can do whatever you want with it,’ shared Newson. The genius luggage cabinet is the first Louis Vuitton trunk engineered to allow for a 180-degree opening.

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The Cabinet of Curiosities stands as an extraordinary work of art crafted to entice and enchant the most discerning of collectors. Ageless, aesthetic, and functional, the Cabinet of Curiosities is sure to be cherished by collectors for generations to come. This luxurious piece of furniture embodies sophistication that matches the sentimental value of the collectors to showcase their prized possessions. It is a must-have for those who seek to enhance their homes with timeless beauty. The designer took to Instagram to share an animated video of the trunk launched in Milan, Italy

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