This is the most expensive belt buckle in the world and it costs more than two Ferrari’s

Womenswear may be filled with big names and even bigger brands but every once in a while, a menswear brand surprises us with a truly extravagant offering that is at once classic and modern in a way that only true gentlemen’s accessories can be. Roland Iten’s collaboration with Bugatti caught our eye for its precision way back in 2011 and last year they were in the news again with their white and rose gold belt buckles. This year, the company is launching the most expensive belt buckle in the world — priced at an astonishing $400,000!

roland-calibre-r822-2Roland Iten’s Calibre R822 Predator is more than just a belt buckle according to the brand. The buckle employs both the technology and several components of complex and high quality Swiss timepieces. The sophisticated belt buckle allows for quick and simple changes of the leather strap and one handed operation to tighten or loosen your belt. And though it consists of several complex mechanisms, they are all designed to be self-cleaning and require no lubrication.

roland-calibre-r822-1Perhaps the icing on the cake is the white gold body with rose gold accents set with baguette-cut and round-cut diamonds totaling 14.15 carats. That’s right, this isn’t just a high tech belt buckle, it’s a solid gold, diamond studded belt buckle.

roland-calibre-r822-4Priced at close to half a million dollars, this isn’t your average stocking stuffer, but with only three pieces ever created, you’re paying for exclusivity too! If rumors are to be believed Roland Iten will also produce a version without diamonds sometime in the future, so if the diamond pave Predator is not in your future, you can still own a pretty swanky accessory that looks like it was picked right off a James Bond movie set.



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