The World’s most expensive holiday is the vacation of your dreams

If you have $1 million lying around and want to make the most of the last days of summer, then the new weeklong Caribbean getaway from may be just the ticket. The package features a stay at Calala Island, a luxury, private island resort located just off the coast of Nicaragua. Up to 10 guests are accommodated in four luxurious villas on the island.

The trip begins with a journey to Nicaragua via an Embraer Legacy wide bodied private jet from any US city – and can be brought here from any part of the world. Two helicopters will take guests from the landing site to the private island. VeryFirstTo also state that a no-fly zone around the island 9which of course excludes the helicopters that bring guests) will be created for the weeklong experience to ensure maximum privacy.

A host of activities are available for guests to participate in from scuba diving to a curated treasure hunt (which comes with an actual treasure in the form of a hidden treasure chest containing gold bars and coins worth at least $150,000) to caviar tasting and a cooking masterclass. Also included is a fishing trip wherein fish caught by the guests will be used by the island’s Itamae Sushi chef to prepare fresh sahimi and maki rolls.

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Guests have the rare opportunity to design their very own cigar, which will be produced and presented shortly after the trip. Nicaragua’s world-class cigar maker, Joya de Nicaragua, will send an expert team to Calala Island to help guests find their perfect cigar blend. Guests will receive 20 boxes of ther custom blends shortly after their stay.

Other highlights worth mentioning are unlimited fine wines and Dom Pérignon champagne, a 12 course gala dinner for all 10 guests, prepared by Calala’s Executive Chef, a Hollywood videographer and professional photographer to capture as much or as little as your stay, and even a donation of $100,000 towards the building of a Nicaraguan school, built to the guest’s specifications and named after them.

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Time to start saving up for this once in a lifetime trip!


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