The most expensive toy in Britain sells for £76,000

Britain finally has its most expensive toy to be ever sold under the hammer. The toy in question is a 107-year-old toy battleship, which comes with its own steam engine inside, for a staggering £76,000 ($100,495). However, HMS Terrible’s prototype from Ron McCrindell’s collection is not the most expensive toy in the world; the title still belongs to the $161,000 Althof Bergmann Santa Sleigh with Goats. The toy, made in Germany and dates to 1905, was also featured on McCrindell’s TV show 40 years ago when he sailed the battleship on Hampstead Ponds in north London.

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While the owner died in August 2011 at the age of 91, his collection of almost 500 toys was sold completely and earned a staggering £284,552(376,270). The sale is called a rare “white glove sale” because every item brought under the hammer was sold off.

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