Would you blow $115 on a titanium comb?

Luxury products, as you might have surmised by now, are sometimes about theatrics rather than functionality. After all, who really needs a Gold Plated toaster or a rock crystal sink? In a similar vein as our favorite diamond encrusted belt buckle is Octovo’s titanium comb priced at $115. Is it dripping in unnecessary diamonds? No, but it is crafted from Grade5 titanium, the same titanium that’s found in high-performance aerospace, marine and motorsport applications (according to the website) and promises to be lightweight, durable and resistant to corrosion. Can I just say that unless you wear a steel wool wig or are, in fact, Medusa, it’s unlikely that your regular comb is going to have to withstand any corrosion.

octovo-titanium-comb-2The comb comes with its own leather sleeve, but that’s not really enough to tempt us to blow $115 on this luxury grooming product. The folks at Esquire (who test ran the titanium comb) promise that it feels no different than a regular comb, except for feeling much lighter and that it did not get them any closer to having James Bond hair. $100 might be pocket change for some, so feel free to go ahead and splurge but be warned, the real danger here, is the guilt you’ll feel if you misplace this tiny treasure.

Available at – octovo.

[Via – Esquire]

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