UFO-Hayashi transforms Acer Aspire One Netbook into a masterpiece worth $3000

Some people believe in doing things differently. Their wardrobe, accessories, and even their gadgets are custom made to help them stand out in a crowd. And now, thanks to UFO-Hayashi, a Japanese gadget artist, these attention-craving people have the chance to own their very own designer Netbook! The artist has painted an Acer Aspire One giving it a unique look and finish. The painting, which is a serene picture of flowers, depicts the spring of life theme, i.e., spring must come after the long winter in your life. The painting took 3 months to complete and has transformed the gadget into a masterpiece. The artist famous for transforming various gadgets using Japanese traditional Zen painting called “Kyo-yu-zen has created yet another winner with this Netbook.

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Available on eBay for $3000, this Netbook will surely steal your heart. Classy, unique and extremely chic, this Netbook will definitely stand out in a crowd.