Elevate your Valentines Day experience with this $685 bar of chocolate

The concept of age-old whiskey has been known and appreciated for centuries, but the idea of ancient chocolate is merely bizarre. Now you’ll finally be able to get your hands the world’s oldest and most expensive chocolate, thanks to Ecuadorian company To’ak.

Crafted from the oldest and rarest cacao on Earth, To’ak bar of chocolate that fetched $385 last year is now retailing for $685 ahead of Valentine’s day! The limited-edition single-origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate is presented in a hand-made Spanish wood box, individually bar-numbered at the back.

Jerry Toth, founder of To’ak calls this the “Art Series Blend”. The secret behind the exotic blend of chocolate? Well, To’ak ages its rare cacao beans for four years in a French oak cognac cask.

“For the same reason that whiskey brands charge more for their older bottles, we charge more for our older editions of chocolate,” Toth says, justifying the hefty price point.

If you are seeking this fine pricey bar of chocolate, you can browse through To’ak’s website; alternatively, you can visit Harrods in London, 2beans in New York, Wally’s Wine & Spirits in Los Angeles as well as two locations in China.


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