McDonald’s is testing its most expensive menu item ever and it’s a Wagyu beef burger

McDonald’s is hardly the destination of choice for anyone seeking gourmet food, but the world famous burger change is looking to change that with the addition of a new and relatively high priced menu item. Select McDonald’s restaurants in Australia (or Macca’s as it’s referred to down under) are offering Wagyu beef burgers to discerning meat lovers. Wagyu beef is known to be the best quality beef in the world, prized for its high fat content and flavor. While Wagyu is usually sourced from Japan, McDonald’s Australia have sourced their wagyu from Australian farmers.

In addition to the Wagyu beef patty, the burger is comprised of a gourmet bun, lettuce, tomato, bacon, caramelized onions, a special sauce, and cheddar cheese. It’s priced at AU$10.75 (around US$8.25 at current exchange) and is the most expensive item on any McDonald’s menu, anywhere in the world. While that may be a high price in the world of McDonald’s, it’s quite inexpensive when compared to the cost of wagyu at high end restaurants.

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So far, the burger has drawn mixed reactions on social media. Some appreciate the quality of the meat but others have panned it with comparisons to cardboard. The product is simply being tested as of now, but it will be interesting to see if the chain decides to make this product available in other countries.

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