The Naim Audio Ovator S-800 speakers occupy a lot of space

Yes, that’s right. Beside the big price tag of $46,000 the Ovator S-800 measure in at 1393mm tall and 520mm wide that will make them occupy a major chunk of your living room. After 5 years of research and improvising Naim Audio’s Balance Mode Radiator technology, the speakers will finally be unveiled at Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show and will be available for sale from December. The speaker cabinet is a 40-liter enclosure that houses the monstrous 280mm flat-panel bass drive units and a 82mm flat-panel Balance Mode Radiator (BMR).

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While offering the ultimate in wide bandwidth the speakers come in a gloss rosewood finish that will perfectly match any kind of room ambience – antique or even conceptual and innovative.
The Ovator S-800 embraces acoustics, mechanics, materials science, vibrational analysis, electronics and musical psychology while successfully optimizing them to give an effective communication of ideas and emotions expressed through music.
[Naimaudio and Pocket-Lint]

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