A handmade audio system that costs more than a Lamborghini

An ultra-luxurious home deserves an ultra high-end audio system, and YAR’s creations fit the bill perfectly. Based in Italy, the YAR brand by 55 year old Adriano Marconetto stays a mile apart from the rest, creating one-of-a-kind handcrafted audio systems. Unlike everything else that’s mass produced and sold, YAR’s audio solutions are entirely bespoke and ultra-premium to the hilt! With prices starting at approximately $272,000, YAR’s audio system includes an integrated amplifier, two loudspeakers and a stand. Each of these speaker systems take up to three months to create and can be customized and carved out of a range of materials too.

YAR also has speakers with precious metals on offer, including titanium, silver and gold models. The company is no stranger to the use of exotic woods to create its custom speakers either. “Working daily with the best developers and suppliers in Turin, where high-end industry is part of our DNA, assures us a constant flow of technical support and ideas, as well as deep mastery in execution,” said Marconetto in a Fortune article. These speakers are so high-end and unique, that they will never be sold on store shelves, but will depend entirely on word of mouth and private events around the world.

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[ Via : Fortune ]

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