Samsung announces a line of premium audio products specially crafted for smartphone / tablet users

Most of the high-end smartphones available in the market are capable of playing high-resolution audio files; Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3 both have DACs (digital-to-analog converters) capable of playing high-resolution 24-bit/192-kHz audio but unfortunately the headphones that come along with the smartphones are hopelessly bad and don’t do justice to the phone’s true potential. Audiophiles end up buying high-quality headsets in addition to suffice their needs. Now, Samsung hopes to bridge this gap with their brand new Level series of mobile audio products which should keep their customers stay put in the Samsung family. Showcased at this year’s Mobile World Congress in February, Samsung has officially announced the lineup of premium audio products that will enhance the company’s extensive range of accessories for its mobile devices.

The Samsung Level series comprises of four types of products: Level Over, Level On, Level In and Level Box that promises high-end audio and voice call quality. Samsung claims each of the products will provide “organic sound quality, superior comfort, portability, and style that give mobile users the best possible sound experience for their smartphone or tablet.” The flagship product of the line-up is an over-the-ear headphone named Level Over has a 50mm Dynamic Driver made with Neodymium magnets and Bio Cellulose free edge structure. It also features a hybrid active noise cancellation with the headphone inside and the microphone on the outside working together to block ambient noise.

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Level On and Level In are the mid-range and low-end products of the Level series; both of them sport a metallic finish, remote control, S Voice support, and clear sound achieved through its 40mm Drivers. The Level Box is the fourth product from the line-up and is a premium Bluetooth speaker with a 56mm stereo speaker for high quality sound, along with noise reduction, echo cancellation and built-in microphone for clearer phone calls. The prices are yet to be announced but all the four premium products from the Samsung Level series will hit the markets by mid-May.

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