Samsung ropes in Thom Browne for a special, striped, designer edition Galaxy Z Flip

It was easy to fall in love with Samsung’s latest product, the Galaxy Z Flip, but the version we have just seen has us falling head over heels. Making an already good-looking phone even more spectacular is the Thom Browne variant. The American designer lends his fashion aesthetic that’s not very commonly seen in such tech products and we are glad he did. The red, white and blue stripes running down the back of a silver Galaxy Z Flip body may remind you of a nice-looking shoe but it’s only a nice-looking clamshell device set to steal the show. the Thom Browne Edition bundle looks uber cool with matching Galaxy Buds and what appears to be a Galaxy Watch Active 2 with matching band. One can also enjoy exclusive Thom Browne wallpapers that bring a sophisticated aesthetic to the Always-on Display, Lockscreen, and Homescreen. We love the eye-catching animation of Venetian blinds when the phone is turned on or off. I would like to dedicate this space to applaud the packaging made of eco-friendly materials; the Thom Browne-designed package opens like a drawer to reveal the pieces inside. The other striking colors of the Galaxy Z Flip are mirror purple, mirror black, and mirror gold.

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We love us a smartphone and a folding one at that has us sold. Samsung is also throwing in three cameras, a 10-megapixel f/2.4 selfie camera and a dual-camera system. As much as we like the limited edition variant we are still fawning over the “Flex mode” that’s the automatic splitting of the 6.7-inch display into two 4-inch screens, available in limited edition and standard models. Samsung is planning to release this new Galaxy Z Flip in the US and Korea on February 14th in purple and black variants priced at $1,380 with gold following soon. The Thom Browne bundle is “only available in certain countries” and we don’t know more about pricing and availability.

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