Inside Samsung’s dynamic and high-tech new store in Paris

In Paris, Samsung’s store looks less like an electronics store and more like a scene from a futuristic sci-fi movie. The store is the product of the joint efforts of an Austrian firm called Umdasch Shopfitting and the retail design agency Cheil. Both teams aimed to create a space that reflects the core values of Samsung as a brand. Space is dressed in pristine whites with circular motifs and an emphasis on high-end furnishings and technology.

To deliver a perfect result, Cheil and Umdasch made several visits to the construction site, took exact measurements, and maintained a constant dialog with the architects.

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Samsung-store-Paris (3)
Umdasch Shopfitting also worked with a freelance partner to create a concept for space from a single source.

Samsung-store-Paris (4)
The store’s technology manifests through electronic applications, screens, tablets, smartphones, watches, etc.

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The store’s aesthetic is in harmony with Samsung’s corporate design and values, but the design team faced some challenges throughout the process. Among them was the task of finding a design plan that allowed for good visitor circulation within the space while navigating French regulations.

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However, the different elements of the store came together to create a beautiful and dynamic space.

[ Via : Retaildesignblog ]