Gold Samsung Galaxy S5 exclusively for Vodafone UK

Samsung announced its newest flagship smartphone Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress last month in Spain and the device is all set to make its global debut on the 11th of April. The Galaxy S5 will be sold in 4 different colors in all the markets across the globe but according to latest news, Vodafone UK has bagged the exclusive rights to the gold color variant upon its launch. The other color options for the smartphone include black, white and blue and this latest development pushes the gold variant into a premium bracket. The announcement was made by Vodafone on its official blog which stated that the gold color option would be ‘exclusive from launch’.

Before the Samsung Galaxy S5 was officially unveiled last month, it was rumored that the flagship device would be launched in two separate versions targeting different buyer segments. To compete with the popular gold iPhone 5S, industry experts suggested of a gold Galaxy S5 variant which would sport a similar high quality gilded finish. But the South Korean tech giant went for a different approach by launching only one version of the S5 and the gold variant has a slightly different finish which has a darker hue, more like copper, and isn’t shinny but has a tactile soft touch texture. We aren’t sure that the gold Galaxy S5 looks any more premium than the other 3 color options and branding it exclusive will help. There isn’t any exact confirmation on how long will Vodafone UK hold the exclusive rights for the gold variant but rumor has it that the settlement has been reached for only a month. It’ll be available for pre-order from the 28th March and the pricing is expected to start at €699 ($970 approx). It would be interesting to see if the marketing strategy works.

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