Samsung’s new TV’s disappear when not in use

Samsung has unveiled its new range of QLED TVs and both consumers and competitors are sitting up to take notice. Featuring quantum-dot LED screens, these TVs boast extra small pixels for a better viewing experience, but they come with a host of other features that can’t be ignored.

If you’ve always hated the way your wall-mounted TV clashes with your interior décor (especially when its turned off and all black), then you’ll definitely love the Ambient mode on these TVs. This mode allows the TV screen to replicate the look of the wall it is on thus appearing to blend right in. All you have to do to activate the feature is take a picture of your TV and the wall it is on and allow Samsung’s app to do the rest. Along with blending into the wall, the TV screen also adds a shadow so that the TV’s bezel looks like an empty frame hanging on the wall. Of course, it doesn’t have to be empty, you can use Ambient mode to show off artwork or family photos or even to display news or weather information.

This TV also aims to minimize cable clutter by with their One Clear Connect cable which actually connects to a separate box that houses all the ports you would expect (HDMI, power, ethernet, USB, antenna etc.). The TVs in the QLED range come with 5m cables but you can buy a longer one if you prefer. QLED TVs come with Bixby, Samsung’s own AI which helps you search for content across all available channels, change channels or even check for weather or traffic conditions, headlines etc.


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