No overtime -This Samsung Computer Mouse will literally run away from your desk if you’re working too much

Maintaining a work-life balance is hard, or is it? If you go down the Samsung way, then striking this balance will be somewhat of a compulsion leaving you not much of choice. At the risk of sounding loopy, the Samsung Balance Mouse literally runs away if you’re working too much. This concept mouse created alongside advertising agency INNORED and design studio BKID appears as a regular wireless computer mouse at first. However, when it’s time to resume life outside the office, its ears prick up, and it escapes your clutch so you won’t be able to click away anymore. The idea behind this playfulness is a much more serious issue of creating a work-life balance. For workaholics who need a constant reminder to get up from that desk and live your life, this is the perfect office accessory. With the help of sensors, this little guy will scoot away from you, preventing you from working any further. Don’t think you can outsmart the device made by some brilliant people; the mouse will dislodge from its outer shell, reveal a blue and pink gradient core, and scoot away.

The Samsung Balance Mouse was designed in conjunction with Innored as part of a work-life balance campaign in Korea. A huge part of the professional population is very overworked and completely dissatisfied with the time they get beyond office hours. With the pandemic making everyone work from home, the hours you spend working from home are even longer than regular office hours. The Samsung Balance Mouse is currently not an actual product, but we all know the world needs a mouse that flees on its own.

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