CrystalRoc dresses up the Dr Dre Beats headphone with thousands of Swarovski crystals

It’s the beautiful icing on the cake that tempts any foodie to pick it off the shelf immediately. Same is the case for any gadget that is slathered with thousands of Swarovski crystals. CrystalRoc has caked the Dr Dre Beats headphone completely to lure all bling loving audiophiles. Good looks teamed with good sound is the most sought after combination! Each headphone is festooned with more than 4320 Swarovski crystals. Though this image shows the headphone dressed in crystal and black hematite, there will be an option to do it up in chrome or gold plated soon. Though there is no official word on the pricing, there is no harm in stating ‘I like this one’ of the options. I like the crystal and black hematite version for sure! What about you?