Dejected artist Takashi Murakami issues an apology to his crypto investors after the value of his NFT’s plummeted from $260,000 to a mere $2000.

Creating history is not easy. Beeple did it once at Christie’s auction when a Beeple NFT went under the hammer for a staggering $69 million in crypto. Soon, Takashi Murakami made a foray into the NFT space considering the hype and moolah surrounding the space. The business world certainly doesn’t operate like the world of an artist, and while there are few artists today as incredible as Murakami, his business sense failed him (or so he believes). According to Artnet News, Murakami’s timing was terrible, and he completely missed the NFT boom. After spending a year fine-tuning the project’s technical details, he launched it right before the 2022 crypto crash.

Via Twitter / @takashipom45312

An understandably dejected Murakami took to Twitter to apologize to his fans. “Dear holders of Murakami.Flowers, I appreciate your continuing patronage, although the project’s floor price and transaction prices remain stagnant. I am very sorry,” he tweeted. Art is never cheap and that stands true for Murakami’s NFT too. The most affordable Murakami flower NFT is worth 2 ETH ($2,000, at current value) on OpenSea. Apparently, a false start over a year ago was getting the artist hefty bids north of $260,000. He decided to withdraw from the project and focus on things more.

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Just two months back in April his NFT’s were on a upswing. Via Instagram / @takashipom

The Japanese contemporary artist enjoys a following of 324k on Twitter and got nothing but oodles of support and encouragement from his followers. One user, omori.eth commented, ‘don’t apologize for how the market acts. Not in your control.’ Another wrote, ‘We still love ya sensei, we’re watching long term, not short :).’ yet another fan stated, ‘don’t be sorry Takashi san. You a legend.’ great things take time.

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