Take a look at the lavish life of Andreza Cooper, nanny to the Kardashians. From traveling in Kylie Jenner’s $73 million private jet and attending lavish parties, to meeting Obama in the Oval Office, it’s no wonder she loves her job.

Via Instagram / @andreza.cooper

Anything a Kardashian does makes headlines. However, there’s a side not often revealed to the public, but only to those close to them. Khloe Kardashian’s nanny is one such source who has disclosed an unfiltered and heart-warming side, equally infused with love and luxury. Brazilian Andreza Cooper has been the child-minder for True Thompson since 2018 and also looks after Khloe’s one-year-old son, Tatum Thompson. Wherever the children go, Andreza goes too. She cares for the two children in their $17 million Hidden Hills mansion and accompanies them to parties, events, and exotic vacations. Read on to discover the exciting role Andreza relishes and what it’s like being part of the inner circle.

Via Instagram / @andreza.cooper

She didn’t prepare to be a nanny-
When this 37-year-old moved from Brazil to Portugal at the age of 14, she didn’t anticipate that her future would involve a rewarding career as a childcare specialist. In fact, Andreza studied fashion until she was 25. After moving to the US in 2010 with her sister, Cooper began working as a nanny full-time and realized she enjoyed the profession. “I loved it right away. It was something that only happened sporadically when the couple went out alone, so it was very peaceful,” the nanny said in an interview with Elas Que Lucram. Today, Andreza, who boasts 56K Instagram followers, looks after Khloe and Tristan Thompson’s children and also shares tips and tricks as a newborn care specialist with her followers.

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True Thompson on Kylie Air. Via Instagram / @andreza.cooper

What is her job at Khloe’s?
A glance at Cooper’s Instagram account reveals the close bond she shares with 5-year-old True. Andreza has been responsible for the daily care of Khloe’s firstborn, True Thompson. Andreza said, “As we travel a lot internationally, I also monitor her sleep because of the frequent time zone changes. I always travel with her internationally.” She added, “If it’s just three days, I maintain Los Angeles time; if it’s more than three days, I adjust slightly to the local time.” Andreza’s numerous Instagram posts with Khloe and True attest to the fact that she is more than just a nanny; she’s an integral part of their family.

Via Instagram / @andreza.cooper

Andreza is like family to Khloe Kardashian and her kids-
Apart from occasionally sharing pictures with True and Khloe, much like close friends or Kardashian aunts would, Andreza also receives special treatment from her employer. The nanny turned 37 back in May, and the Good American founder threw her a surprise bash.

Via Instagram / @andreza.cooper

Large-hearted Khloe treated Andreza to an incredible morning, starting with a lavish breakfast spread, followed by a gift from Bottega Veneta for the birthday girl. Andreza captioned the post, “And that’s how I started my day. Someone very special made me breakfast,” referencing True, who smiled at the camera.

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Andreza boarding Kylie Jenner’s private plane’Kylie Air’.

This nanny leads a jet-setting lifestyle-
Being a nanny primarily means being with the kids wherever they are. But being a Kardashian nanny adds global travel to the mix. From Tuscany, Italy (aboard Kylie Jenner’s $73 million ‘Kylie Air’ private plane) to Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas, Rome, Paris, and Indonesia, Andreza has accompanied Khloe and her kids everywhere, always in the lap of luxury. She celebrated True’s fifth birthday in true Kardashian style at Disneyland, traveling in a party bus. The newborn care specialist has hung out in the Palace of Versailles, visited the Arch of Constantine, and, unlike many others, even met President Obama inside the White House’s Oval Office.

Via Instagram / @andreza.cooper

Andreza Cooper seems like an irreplaceable part of Khloe Kardashian’s clan, and the sentiment appears to be mutual. Khloe not only reciprocates the love and care she and her children receive from the postpartum doula, but she also ensures that Andreza feels celebrated from time to time. Indeed, it’s heartwarming to witness something refreshingly genuine in the often-contrived showbiz world of the Kardashians.

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