The world’s most expensive funerals to put an end to lavish lifestyles

If you are rich and popular, you live like a king and die like an emperor. But what if you are a real emperor? One look at the tomb of Alexander the Great, you would know. Costing cost $600,000,000 in modern money, he has been buried in a gold sarcophagus and placed inside a gold casket; he was transported in a gold carriage. Politics is a known product of dictatorship, which shows why President Ronald Reagan was loved so much in life as in death; he is touted to be the most expensive funeral in history with a million-dollar funeral and another stunning figure of $800,000,000 lost in production as the day was declared as a federal holiday and a stock market holiday. Oppression and religion are two sides of a coin, so when Pope John Paul the Second’s passed away, despite official records, it is believed that the Vatican ended up shelling out a staggering $7.71 million on the memorial week that followed his death. More gloom after the jump.

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Entertainment, not to be left far behind, makes its presence felt in the gloom with Michael Jackson’s who’s private funeral expenses exceeded one million dollars, which came with a $560,000 tomb, left the King of rock and roll Elvis far behind with hid funeral expenses costing about in the low tens of thousands, but President Jimmy Carter ensured the kings grandeur remains intact by deployed 300 national guard units for his peaceful last journey. Democracy always stands above monarchy, which explains why six feet of ground at the Arlington National Cemetery, where JFK rests in peace, comes at $13 million. And this time, it seems true. Following a leak of official documents, the funeral expense following Princess Diana’s death came just around a neat $10.5 million.

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