Watch – Ben Affleck borrowed Jennifer Lopez’s $500,000 custom Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe but hilariously failed to open its trunk

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have once again become one of the hottest couples in Hollywood after rekindling their love last year. Two decades after grabbing media attention with their romance and earning the nickname “Bennifer,” the pair are engaged again. Some reports even suggest the couple recently took the wedding vows in a private ceremony held at a hotel in Georgia. Married or not, the celebrity couple seems deep in love and happy. They recently moved in together in Danny DeVito’s former mansion in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and are often seen sharing personal items, including their cars. While JLo was seen a few months ago switching from her Bentley Continental GTC to Affleck’s Tesla Model S Plaid, the ex-Batman actor was recently spotted driving around in Lopez’s tricked-out Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. All was good until Affleck ran into a small problem – he somehow couldn’t get the convertible’s trunk to open.

This happened when the 49-year-old actor was on an outing with his son Samuel and was caught on a video. In a typical fashion, Affleck can be seen getting hounded by a pestering paparazzi who keeps asking him about the feud between JLo and Shakira. The father-son duo visits a GameStop outlet and emerges with several bags full of goodies.

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After avoiding the pap, the Hollywood star is seen making his way toward the Rolls-Royce and trying to pop open the trunk lid and place the bags inside. However, the lid doesn’t budge despite Affleck’s frantic attempts. At one point, his son joins him to help, but to no avail. He finally gives up, tosses the bags onto the rear seats, and drives away. Popping open the trunk lid of a Rolls-Royce is not very complicated. Pressing the square button on the key fob usually does the job. Maybe it was broken.

Via – Instagram / Westcoastcustoms

JLo’s crimson Rolls-Royce
JLo’s Rolls-Royce is a customized Phantom Drophead Coupe Series II that was worked upon by none other than West Coast Customs. Unlike most of the customized celebrity cars by WCC, JLo’s ultra-luxury ride is all about subtle special touches brought to life by Musa Rio Tjahjono, the Head Designer at West Coast Customs. The 35-year-old Indonesian American designer who has previously helped create custom cars for clients like Shaq and paid heed to Lopez’s inputs and designed a Rolls-Royce that’s not gaudy or ostentatious.

The Drophead Coupe’s exterior is painted crimson red, while the interior is decked out in all-white. The only thing that sticks out is the custom wheel design that features a monoblock design and is noticeably missing the RR logo in the center. Thankfully, the Spirit of Ecstasy hood logo has not been altered.

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