While promoting Melania’s NFT’s, Donald Trump blatantly trashes cryptocurrencies. He calls them dangerous and waiting to explode like nothing before.

If we are all being honest, many are still confused about what NFT’s are, how they are different or similar to cryptocurrency, and what the whole brouhaha is about. Fear not; you are not alone; Donald Trump is with you. The man who trashed the idea of investing in Crypto while promoting his wife, Former first lady Melania Trump’s NFT venture, seemed as lost as a nun on a honeymoon. The former US President was evidently oblivious to the fact that NFTs use the same blockchain technology that powers the cryptocurrencies he was disparaging.

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On being asked by Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo about his thought on Crypto, Trump said, “Well, I never loved it because I like to have the dollar; I think the currency should be the dollar, so I was never a big fan. But it’s building up bigger and bigger, and nobody’s doing anything about it.” As one would expect, he didn’t stop at that and went on to compare it to a disaster of magnanimous scales. Trump continued, “Look, I want a currency called the dollar, I don’t want to have all these others, and that can be an explosion someday like the likes of which we’ve never seen. It’ll make the big tech explosion look like baby stuff. I think it’s a very dangerous thing,” according to Business Insider.

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Melania is selling NFT’s of her own eyes for $185 each.

After keeping a low profile for almost a year, the former US First Lady made news last week for offering prints of her piercing cobalt blue eyes as NFT along with a complimentary voice message. She announced on Twitter, ‘Excited for this new venture, which combines my passion for art and commitment to helping our Nation’s children fulfill their own unique American Dream. #MelaniaNFT ‘Melania’s vision NFTs will be sold exclusively on her website for around $185.

Donald Trump is increasingly becoming the guy that no one pays serious attention to and dismisses his views without a thought. At least, that’s the attitude of many Twitter users. One person wrote, “Yes let’s listen to the guy who thinks that windmills cause cancer.” Hal K9000 said, “I’d give him credit for having the right position, but I’m pretty sure this is just him being terrified of anything that involves computers.”

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