De Sede DS-1025 Modular Sofas from Logan’s bedroom

Remember the Hollywood flick called Logan’s Run? There’s a fat chance of you remembering it. Anyway, these cool sofas were part of the set and can be seen in the bedroom of the protagonist. It was designed by a certain Mr. Ubald Klug in 1973. The sofa is made of brown leather and is shaped in a manner that resembles an amphitheater. It has a step-like design at the back that makes it necessary to pick the right spot on it to snuggle in (since not all the parts of it look comfortable to lean back on). The sofa does look like a great place to make out with the one you love. That’s possible if you can afford it.

The De Sede DS-1025 Modular Sofa reminds one of the glory days of the movie that it was made for. It costs a whopping £6,650 ($12,642).

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